Kathy shares her story about becoming a member of our gym.

In this video we asked our awesome member Kathy a few questions about why she joined and how things have changed since she has.

1.) Biggest challenge prior to joining the gym? Kathy talks about picking up and loading the water softener salt bags and how that used to be a struggle. Now she can load them up without asking anyone for help.

2.) What was the biggest change after joining? Kathy shares how it was hard at first, and starting with just the bar only. Then she tells how, over time, she is adding weight to the bar during workouts, and things progress when you stay consistent. She crushes the workouts now!

3.) Specific achievements to share? Here she tells us about flipping that huge tractor tire!! She also talks about how we all are at our different and specific levels and we are all in this together, cheering each other on and congratulating one another during and after the workouts.

4.) What would you tell someone on the fence about joining? Kathy shares here a great statement, you can probably do more than you think you can! She also talks about the core of CrossFit, the things we do in the gym are designed to make daily living better and doing things around the home easier.

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